Attendance Policy

York Construction Academy recognizes that there may be times when a student may be late or miss classes. Excessive Tardiness or Excessive Absences even with phone calls and/or e-mails to YCA staff will result in an Immediate Expulsion.

  • All students are responsible to provide the school with at least 5 business days notice for necessary scheduled appointments resulting in absence (for example: Court, Doctor’s Appointment and Immigration Matters) The student may be asked to provide documented proof of appointment should there be more than one occurrence. EXCEPTION: Students are permitted to provide 24 hour notice for last minute appointments made beyond their control.

  • Should a student miss 2 consecutive days of training as a result of illness, it is the responsibility of the student to provide a doctor’s note indicating that they were unable to attend classes.

  • Students that are late on more than 2 separate occasions without a notice before 9:00am are responsible for providing documented proof of necessary appointments.

  • Students are expected to treat their attendance at YCA the same as a work environment.

  • Students that continue to be late with no notification to the school, have excessive absences (ex: once a week), leave school before dismissal and/or disregard the attendance policy completely can expect the following:

All students can expect to receive a written warning about their attendance and/or punctuality. Once a student has received a written warning and their behavior continues, York Construction Academy will have no other choice but to expel the student.