Expulsion Policy

It is York Construction Academy’s goal to ensure that a positive, comfortable learning environment is consistently maintained. Unacceptable behavior will be subject to our Zero Tolerance policy and result in Immediate Expulsion as follows:

  • Cheating on class assignments, tests and exams

  • Sexual Harassment of any nature

  • Violence (threats, racial slandering, intimidation and bullying)

  • Ongoing excessive foul language

  • Abuse of Illegal Narcotics while on school property

  • Use of Alcohol while on school property

  • Repetitive Disruptive and Insubordinate behavior

Depending on the nature of the incident and number of occurrences a student can expect to receive a written warning which is a signed document by the student about their behavior and areas of concern. Once a student has received a written warning and the behavior continues, York Construction Academy will have no other choice but to expel the student. Under extreme circumstances a student can be expelled immediately for unacceptable behavior upon the discretion of the Management of York Construction Academy.

Should you have any questions or require further explanation regarding the terms of this policy, please speak with one of our management staff for clarification.