Our Construction Technology program allows individuals to successfully gain theoretical and practical training in Residential & Commercial Building and Renovation. This program is designed for the beginners who would like to pursue a career in the renovations industry or experienced individuals that would like to obtain legal Certification in Construction Technology. and offers a greater emphasis on work site conditions for a realistic education that prepares you for the work force. Graduates receive WHMIS and Working at Heights certifications.


Reading And Interpreting Blueprints

It will be in the classroom were students learn about writing and interpreting blueprints. Measure and draw accurate illustrations of the house that will be built on-site.

Demolition And Clean-Up

Construction site experience begins by demolishing the house left in the academy by the last course's students.

Framing And Rough Carpentry

Proper preparation of materials, cutting and measuring techniques. Students learn how to build stairs as well as different ways to construct residential/commercial doorways and openings. Metal and wood studs.


Windows And Doors

Installation of windows and doors for residential and commercial buildings.


Learn how to construct drywall, including taping and finishing.


The essentials of creating a quality finished paint job.

Floor Covering

Students practice hardwood, tile and laminate flooring.


Installation of floor tiles, wall and other surface tiling.

Finish Carpentry

The essentials of cabinets, doors, and other household and business needs.

Basics Of Plumbing And Electrical

Students learn about and perform the assembly of light switches, outlets, and other residential/commercial electric needs. Piping systems are discussed as well. 

*Please note that this portion of the course does not substitute full training in electrical work.

Roofing And Porch

This is a Home Renovator's exclusive. Students of this program learn shingling, and proper assembly of a residential porch.

Working At Heights Certification

The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association aids students in learning how to fall safely and with minimal injury. Certification is valid for three years before renewal.