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I have always wanted to be in real estate, building houses has always been a dream of mine. I have done a lot of other things to make money but coming to YCA was an opportunity to chase my dreams. The staff was incredibly friendly, but more importantly, knowledgeable. The lessons that I take from YCA I honestly feel are the lessons that will benefit me while on the job and will help to get me a strong start in my career in construction.
— Jermaine McGregor

My experience after taking a course at York Construction Academy was extremely rewarding. The location is accessible by any means which was helpful. The instructors were all very capable and very knowledgeable about the subjects we were learning and about the construction industry. They provided us with the tools we would need to be successful in the construction industry. I strongly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in construction and home renovation. They also assist you in finding a job after you finish which is great!
— Vlad Mat

I was really impressed! Hands on course! A to Z how to build a house! Carpentry,Dry walling,Taping,flooring ,Tiling,electrical parts and connection, plumbing ,demolishing! Learn to use power tools,rotate saw,miter saw, gig saw,reciprocate saw,nail guns, etc! The best still is our really friendly instructor, Steve, he was completely expert and helpful. I am truly satisfied with the course and I recommend it to everyone who wants to be handy in construction.
— Vahid G

My experience at York Construction Academy was extremely pleasant. The staff was kind and welcoming. The teachers were very knowledgeable about the subjects which made learning easy. They offer courses at different times to fit your schedule which is convenient. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in the construction industry.
— Amina Rashid

This is an excellent school with amazing teachers and staff. Steve will instruct you with all you the skills and knowledge need to know about the industry to perfection and Markeda Evans will provide you with an excellent CPR course and will find you a job suited with a great connection. I am a recent graduate and I am currently working in a home renovations company thanks to this school.
— Alessandro Caia

I can’t say enough great things about the academy! I took the part time course last fall. I went into it wanting to learn and build on my home reno skills. Nardo the instructor was just amazing! I really appreciated having an instructor who was not only fun to be around, but he made sure everyone’s questions where answered. It didnt matter how many questions. Some days I don’t think Nardo finished his lunch without me having one question after another. we learned how to frame, tape and mudd, to flooring to name a few. At times it was a lot of info to take in, but Nardo always made it happen! He taught us a lot of methods that the pros use. I’m sad the course had to end, but glad at the same time to now have the chance to venture into the home reno business. The office staff is just amazing as well! Overall an amazing experience! A guy my age with a full time job and family doesnt have time to go to school full time for 2 years at a local credible college. So the york academy was the next best fit where I could still learn enough to get a start with home renos. Again, a special thx to Nardo and all his efforts for making the class an amazing experience!!!!
— Frank Veal

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